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stemTrak is configurable and compliant.

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stemTrak Features

Full Clinical Data Capture

From referral to Follow-up.

Seamless Data Exchange

Enter data once.

Laboratory Instrument Integration

Import your results data automatically.

Electronic Forms Submission

Submit CIBMTR via AGNIS.

Data Analysis Tools

Your program's performance in real-time.

User Configurable

stemTrak adapts to your changing needs.

Dashboard Views

See essential data at a glance.

Integrated Reporting

One-click RFI and user-defined reports.

Modular Design

Only buy the modules that you need.

HL7 / SOAP/ XML Capable

Easily integrate with existing data systems.

Tablet Ready

Android, iPad, and Windows RT.

Modern, Proven Technogies

stemTrak: Newer. Better. Faster.

We're not the only ones excited about stemTrak...